Thursday, 4 March 2010

iLove iCarly & iDon't Care Who Knows

by dannomack

As anyone who reads my blog (or has had a conversation with me) could tell you, I am very fond of hyperbole.  I mean I love hyperbole.  I want to get engaged to hyperbole way too young, have all of our friends tell us "guys you are way too young to get married", get married regardless (and while at the wedding those same friends smile and toast us like they believed in us the whole time, two-faced assholes, you know who you are!), realise our mistake 6 months later but stay married for the rest of our lives due to our shared stubbornness despite the fact that we're miserable together.

But, that being said, I want to make it clear to all of you that it is not hyperbole when I say:

iCarly is the best show on television today!

I am not quite ready to say it's the best show ever (Although maybe in a few seasons iCarly will unseat The Wire for that honour?  Stay tuned!), but it is certainly head-and-shoulders above the other shark-jumping drivel occupying the top spots in the ratings these days (I'm looking at you Lost, Heroes and The Office).

Now, for those of you who haven't seen iCarly (what, do you live under a rock?) allow me to give you a little crash-course in the greatest show on television!  Below I have thrown together a little intro to the prominent characters of the program.  It deserved more than the five minutes of time I gave it, but I was rushing so I could get back to watching the new episode!

Carly Shay
played by Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove (of Drake and Josh fame) is a talented 18-year-old actress who plays the title character of the show.  The character of Carly, however, is only 15 years old!  Through what I can only assume is expensive CGI and years of acting lessons for Miranda, she is somehow able to play the role of a much younger person!

Carly is the star of a very popular webshow called - you guessed it - iCarly!  The webshow consists of Carly and friends acting out skits, having wacky contests, answering viewer questions, and giving tips on how her viewers can have successful webshows of their own!  Carly's most prominent co-star is...

Sam Puckett
played by Jennette McCurdy

Samantha "Sam" Puckett is Carly Shay's best friend and tough, no-nonsense sidekick on her webshow and, indeed, in life.  The actress who portrays Sam is named Jennette McCurdy, an 18 year old born in Los Angeles.  Being from the bluegrass hotbed of California explains why she is also a superb country singer (perhaps the only talented country singer in the world), with a hit single called So Close.

Jennette's character Sam is known for being wisecracking, stubborn, unladylike, and for having a neglectful, unemployed, possibly alcoholic mother.  She is also known for playing mean tricks on...

Freddie Benson
played by Nathan Kress

Freddie Benson, played by dreamy 18 year old Glendale, CA native Nathan Kress, is the third member of the webshow threesome I like to call The E-Musketeers (I think this goes without saying, but reminder: Do NOT use the term E-Musketeers without first obtaining my permission, giving me credit immediately afterwards, and linking to this blog if possible).

Freddie doesn't appear on camera much during the webshow, as he is responsible for filming and producing the show.  On the television series, however, he is an important character with a high IQ, an overprotective mother, and a lifelong crush on Carly (I know, I know, it sounds like I am describing myself)!  He lives in the apartment across the hall from Carly and her older brother/guardian...

Spencer Shay
played by Jerry Trainor

Spencer, played by Jerry Trainor (Real life age: 33, Character age: 26... a difference of 7 years!  If that isn't acting talent, I don't know what is!), is a law-school dropout and full-time artist who has been entrusted with the care of his younger sister Carly.  He rarely appears on the webshow, but is solidly entrenched as an important character in the weekly television series.  He is the fourth of five regular characters on the show, the fifth being...

gibby2.jpg picture by DannoMack

There you have it!  That was my 5-minute rundown of the eclectic and talented cast of iCarly!  Next time I talk about Carly and the gang, it will be during my first-ever iCarly Episode Running Diary entry!  That is going to be a new feature I have decided to begin, where I watch an episode of iCarly and record my thoughts and opinions on the episode (in real-time!) here on!  The running diary concept is one made famous byESPN'S Bill Simmons.